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Business Sectors

Reactive and its management teams have established respectable ties to some of the most reputable entities in their respective markets. With accredited services commissioned by the NHS, Ministry of Defence and leading retail outlets and more, our reputation is fast growing and dependable. Some of the sectors include:

  • Aerospace & Airports
  • Councils (Borough Improvement Schemes, Community Projects)
  • Defence (Ministry Of Defence, Royal Marines)
  • Education (Universities, Schools and Colleges)
  • English Heritage Sites
  • Environmental (FSC, Asbestos Emergency Removals)
  • Housing (Neighbourhood Creation Projects)
  • Marine
  • Museums
  • NHS (Hospitals, Hospices, Nursing Homes)
  • Oil & Petroleum
  • Private Clients (Unique Renovations)
  • Rail (National Rail, London Underground)
  • Retail (High Street, Wholesale, Luxury goods)