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utilities SERVICES

Utilities Services Designed To Solve Problems

Drainage Services

We currently operate a fleet of all colour self contained CCTV vans, which are equipped with the following facilities

  • Capability of surveying pipe work from as small as 50mm diameter up to and including man entry 1200mm upwards.
  • Pan and Tilt rotating cameras.
  • Qualified Survey team.
  • Location equipment to determine line and depth or exact position of any fault.
  • Onboard computers for reporting
  • Onboard DVD recording

Reporting facilities are available for providing longhand condition reports using WinCan program WRc Sewer condition classification coding with a DVD recording of the survey.


With medium sized tow jetters and van packs operated by fully trained personnel, qualified by the High Pressure Water Jetting Association, we have the capability of cleaning drainage, up to and including 300mm, for larger pipe work we can provide Vactor and super Vactor combination units.


As part of our on going improvement program to provide a comprehensive and professional services, we are now able to offer CIPP cold cure lining to suitably defective pipework, up to and including 150mm diameter.

Water Services

Our water treatment services are recognised by the Water Management Society and the Legionella Control Associations. We pride ourselves in our multi disciplinary view to our customers needs which can range from risk assessments, chemical water treatment, analysis, cleaning and disinfection, training, engineering and consultancy services.

We offer

  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Bacteriological Analysis
  • Servicing
  • Logbook Detailing
  • Consultancy
  • Crisis Management

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