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University of Bristol


Client: University of Bristol
Site: Richmond Building (University of Bristol Students Union)
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Asbestos Removal, Soft Strip, Internal Demolitions and Specialist Fire Protection
Programme: 48 Weeks
Value: £2.2 million

Description of Works:

For these works RIS acted as both the Principal Contractor and Licenced Asbestos Removal Contractor.

The works involved the full soft strip of the building, removal of all asbestos containing materials, internal demolitions back to the structural shell throughout the building and subsequently application of specialist fire protection coating to structural steel beams.

The main asbestos removal works were within the ceiling voids. The ceiling structure throughout the building was plastered expanded metal. Above this ceiling finish was sprayed asbestos insulation to structural steel beams and asbestos insulated pipes.

This was over 7 floors of the south block, 4 link passage areas and on 4 floors of the adjoining North block. The scope of works also included a service riser in each of the blocks.

Works were completed under fully controlled conditions utilising enclosures under negative pressure, use of BS8520 compliant wet strip equipment, use of Torbo L200 Wet Blast equipment where required and with decontamination facilities located within our secure welfare compound.

The building was protected with fixed scaffold and a hoist system was installed in addition to the internal lift to achieve safe access and egress at all times. The works were completed on time and on budget and successfully handed over to the university’s main contractor for the construction phase of the works.