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Two Rivers Housing


Client: Two Rivers Housing
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Asbestos Removal & Disposal
Programme: 2 Days
Value: £450,000

Description of Works:

The removal and disposal of approximately 82Lm of asbestos insulating board located to the external high level front, rear side soffits 66lm & under cloaking 16lm.

The AIB was in good condition and was accessed via fixed scaffolding supplied by the client, the AIB was removed under locally controlled conditions with a partial enclosure in line with ALG Memo. Personal and back ground air monitoring was carried out and a 3 stage air lock was located at the access and egress point of the partial enclosure.

The works were subject to 4 Stage clearance testing (excluding clearance air monitoring) by DMW. This UKAS accredited analyst was employed by the client. In addition DMW carried out back ground testing and personal air monitoring of RIS personnel whilst the removals were in process.