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Deconstruction / Soft Strip

Reactive Integrated Services offer our clients the highest standard of deconstruction services.

Our project managers and operational team’s experience of proven demolition methods allow us to tackle the most technically challenging and environmentally sensitive projects, delivering on time and within budget.

We pride our business on customer retention and this can only be achieved by offering our clients unrivalled standards of service in everything that we do.

Reactive Integrated Services operatives are experienced and trained in carrying out ‘soft-strip’ out projects where there is a requirement for non-structural elements of a building to be removed.

We use soft-strip techniques where we can remove recyclable materials such as timber, metal and plastics, prior to the full deconstruction of site or where a building is undergoing major refurbishment.

Using skill sets similar to those used in decommissioning work, we plan soft-strips systematically and ensure that site management is of the highest quality.

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