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Puddledock – Network Rail


Client: Network Rail
Site: 1 Puddledock, London EC4V
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Removal of Asbestos to 6 floors
Programme: 5 Months
Value: £514,000

Description of Works:

The works involved the removal of all Asbestos to 6 floors of No.1 Puddledock (Adjacent to Blackfriars Station).

The main Asbestos works were to the sprayed coating in the heater housings which were located beneath the windows to the perimeter of each floor. Approximately 3000 linear metres. All works were completed under fully controlled conditions.

Other Asbestos was removed to:

• AIB Panels

• Gasket Joints

• Rope Packers

• Putty to ducting Joints

• Floor tiles and Bitumen