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HMP Eastwood Park


Client: Vinci Facilities
Site: HMP Eastwood Park, Wotton – Under –Edge, Gloucester
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Asbestos Removal & Disposal
Programme: 10 Days

Description of Works:

ACMs were located within the following locations: C Wing 1st floor – Office 4 window infill strip above door – landing & stairs window infill strips- Office 2 window infill strip above door- Corridor 1 window above door to corridor 2 infill strips- landing & stairs window infill panel-Corridor 2 window infill strip above door to corridor 1.- Corridor 2 Fire door – Office 4 Fire door – Drying room Fire door.

Ground Floor: Office 2 Fire door. Drying Room AIB Cupboard door lining.

We used an independent analyst to carry out a subsequent 4 stage clearance test and issue a certificate of reoccupation upon completion of the works.

Under Semi controlled conditions we carried out the safe removal of 560m of textured coating from the ground and 1st floor ceilings of C Wing along with the removal of concrete screed and bitumen adhesive strips along the front of the cell doors.