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Felsted School


Client: GBNS Asbestos
Site: Felsted School – Stephenson Building
Contractor: Reactive Integrated Services
Type of works: Asbestos removal & disposal
Programme: 1 Month
Value: £50,000

Description of Works:

As part of a renovation to the Headmasters residence, we were requested to carry out the removal and disposal of 15m2 AIB Ceiling tiles, from within the plant room of amosite in good condition under fully controlled conditions.

The scope also included the removal and disposal of 20m2 thermal insulation from within the kitchen area under fully controlled conditions of amosite/chrysotile in poor condition.

300 lm of asbestos was removed from occupied dwellings of the living quarters from beneath the floor void across all of the ground floor rooms. Carrying out these works required room segregation to allow for residents to continue to occupy dwelling. Works were completed in 3 phases to allow for new enclosures to be erected and opening up of clean areas.

RIS removed asbestos from the drawing room, dining room, headmasters study, WC, utility room and laundry store.

We also did an additional environmental clean of 100mm of potentially contaminated unmade ground beneath floor void pipes which included cement, earth and bricks & reinsulated 300 lm with 0-Class Foil Faced 50mm insulation sectional.