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Controlled Excavation – Rainham

Controlled Excavation - Rainham

Description of Works:

Reactive Integrated Services were appointed to carry out the controlled excavation and processing of over 5000m3 asbestos contaminated soil and demolition rubble historically used to raise site levels at Rainham, Essex.

The Site Investigation had identified the presence of contaminated soil and demolition material beneath the existing tarmac and concrete surfaces within the confines of the site. The contaminated material was thought to be present across an area approximately 450015m2 to an average depth of 1.2m bgl. The site investigation confirmed that the fill material comprised subsoil and demolition type materials, including brick, concrete, stone, sand and gravel. Within this material, Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) were identified, including cement bonded asbestos roof sheets (Chrysotile), asbestos insulation board, asbestos pipe lagging (Crocidolite and Amosite) and asbestos ‘free fibers.

Due to the variable nature of the Made Ground, Reactive Integrated Services established a methodology for the controlled excavation and hand sorting of the materials, to segregate the asbestos fragments from the soils and recyclable brick.

All excavation and screening works were carried out in a controlled environment, preventing potential exposure of ACM’s to site operatives, the surrounding public and the environment. Strict controls were in place at all times, including daily perimeter air monitoring and personal occupational air monitoring to ensure the safety of site workers and the general public.

Across the site, highly concentrated pockets of asbestos could be found up to the existing site boundaries. In some areas, licensed asbestos was found in large quantities. The licensed asbestos was disposed by Reactive Integrated Services.

Processed soils were sampled and sent to an independent UKAS and MCERTS accredited laboratory to check for the presence of asbestos free fibers. Materials found to be contaminated by asbestos fibers or fragments of ACM were removed from site for licensed disposal. Recyclable materials, confirmed to be free from asbestos were reused onsite.